Melasti Beach is a beautiful beach located below a high cliff. unspoiled blue sea, make this beach to be one of the best in the region Ungasan. because many tourists who visit here, the beach melasti began repaired road to more easily reach the beach. High cliffs cleaved used as a road with many bends. from top, the road looks beautiful with limestone cliffs.

High chasm that separates the paved road to Melasti Beach also became a favorite of visitors. Even roads that often become the background of the photo shoot location, because of the altitude of 100-150 meters, Melasti Beach looks beautiful from there.called Melasti Beach, because the beach is used for Melasti (melasti is mean ceremony before nyepi days,people came to the beach for clean body and soul)

before you go down on the beach melasti at the north end of the beach there is a small hill overlooking the sea. from here we can see the beautiful beaches of the above, the place is not big but lovely viewpoint from here makes a lot of tourists who take pictures here. tourists, china, taiwan made this place for photos prewedding. Melasti Beach also has a temple situated at the seaside.

Melasti Beach visitors every day is still dominated by local residents as well as some local traveler from Indonesia, the foreign tourists it seems there are still many who do not know the existence of this Melasti Beach. At the Melasti Beach, if it is low tide,you can find small pool with clear water, will give a fresh place to soak. Try soaking in a pool of natural water in the Melasti Beach. Or you can also observe small fish obvious, trapped in the little pool.the best time to visit this beach is in the afternoon, you can enjoy the beach is not too hot and also beautiful sunsets you can see here.

Melasti beach consists of 3 parts of the middle, east and west. The middle part is the most visited because there are many small pools that can be used for swimming and also play sand

In the eastern part there is a cape, made naturally from limestone. This place is very close to the waves because of the position that leads to the middle of the sea.

In the west is the best place to see the sunset. Here also there is a nice beach just like in the middle of melasti beach, but what makes it different is the sunset view is very nice here. Behind the beach there is also a high cliff melasti beach that is split as a road, you can climb up the hill to see the beach from above.

If you love the beach we offer a tour to visit the natural beach and hidden in bali. A beach that is rarely visited, a clean beach and away from the crowds. Experience the true beach paradise in an exciting tour package.

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